Changing wiki settings

If you're the group owner or server administrator you can change several settings, such as how pages look, and whether readers can add comments to pages. You can also add a new sidebar to the homepage that highlights specific content.

To change the wiki settings you edit the homepage of your site:

  1. Open your wiki homepage.
  2. Click Settings in the Admin Functions sidebar. (You must be logged in as a group owner or administrator to see the sidebar.)
  3. Click the Edit (pencil) button in the toolbar. You can change the following options:

  • Title: The name of your site.
  • Theme: Click Choose to change the appearance of your site. The theme is applied dynamically as pages are served to users. If the theme uses a a banner image, you can upload a JPEG or PNG image of the size noted on the page. (The size of the banner varies by the theme you've selected.)
  • Custom Sidebar: The title of a custom sidebar on the home page, and the tag which causes items to appear in the list.
  • Comments: Which users, if any, can add comments to wiki pages. You can also turn on moderation of comments, which prevents a comment from appearing until an owner or administrator approves it.
  • Podcast: If podcast entries are allowed in the blog, and the category they should appear under when a user subscribes to the podcast using iTunes.

Click save when you're finished.